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About Company

At GAIA CONSULTING AND SOLUTION PVT Ltd (GCS) Our prime focus is client satisfaction and quality services. It is all about finding the right person for the right job through world class HR services, specialized and exceeding client expectations. We operate Globally with emphasis across India with its Head Office in Chennai.

At GCS we believe that a good staffing, contracting, hiring, recruitment company is that which provides clients access to good matching profiles for the aspiring talented candidates fitting the roles, positions secured Jobs and careers.

“High Touch with High Tech” is our slogan too when we mix the power of Technology with Passion for Excellence. We at GCS has an ideal TEAM dedicated, committed strong in identifying the right attitude-oriented person for the Job.Our recruitment strategy and hiring policies are aligned with the Law of the land and comply with all ethical values, inclusion and diversity principles. GCS is a client driven company. We value your time and commit ourselves to share quality profiles quickly. We also check the profiles to ensure the clients are choosing only the best candidate..

GCS operations started in Chennai in the year 2001 and became a full- fledged company in 2003.

our vision

Our vision is to realise the tremendous potential of our clients globally and provide services that consistently exceed customer expectations.


To establish high performance recruitment teams that build long-lasting associations with leading professionals across industries by providing world- class talent acquisition services to clients and candidates alike.


  • ● Promote the culture of integrity, honesty, and trust
  • ● Cherish customer satisfaction/ delight
  • ● Embrace progressive change and innovation
  • ● Encourage transparency in communication
  • ● Celebrate teamwork and togetherness




global focus

24/7 support



“GAIA still holds ‘Recruitment Solutions’ as
the frontrunner.

We are here today after 20 years because we believed in our line of Business around TWO DECADES.

A journey of 1000 miles begins with one sure step. We were clear and sure when we set our sight, goals, and Lakshya (AIM) to have a GLOBAL Footprint. Today, through diligent work, clients loyalty and support, above all God’s Blessing, we Live Our Dreams.

GCS GAIA Consulting and solution Pvt Ltd today is a confident player, and we are now spreading our wings and opening few innovative dynamic initiatives and diversifying.

J C Samson Jacob, the Founder and Managing Director of the GAIA Group is focussed on giving the best Human Resources solutions by mapping and matching the right meritorious individuals and clients’ requirements and specifications. The passion, urgency and excellence springs from his core beliefs and challenging life experiences. The drive is so firm and special to him that he follows the basic core values to the T.

One significant heart churning life situation was when Mr. Samson with his master’s in computer science, toiled endlessly knocking the doors of Hundreds of organizations in the IT corridors, hoping against hope to surely land a good job in the booming sector, but in vain. He was turned away without any opportunity.

A strong believer in GOD and HIS STRENGTH, he decided to take the road less travelled. Samson Jacob took note of the millions of job seekers struggling for a placement. To his surprise, his search networking and research showed a huge gap within companies as they hunted around for the right individual for the right job. He realised that the crucial element here was being in the right place at the right time with the same passion and interests.

Samson was deeply disappointed but his self belief and faith in the Almighty only strengthened him. For Samson to support his family, face his friends and society at large, he had to set his dreams into realization. Encouraged and determined by the final clear and vivid inner call, he decided to not search for a job any more but to provide jobs for the millions of needy deserving people. This drive strengthened his need to become an entrepreneur.

Samson’s vision was born. Samson is, even today, unstoppable, with a positive mind set and abundant inner belief. The legacy he started is continuing relentlessly and consistently, which is the hallmark of any successful entrepreneur.

His first investment was a humble Reliance cell phone for INR 500. Today, it sits proudly showcased in his modern comfortable air-conditioned office in OMR across the Tall Turya Hotel. He proudly shows this possession to his clients with the excitement of a child.

The beauty one can see is that even today he gets the same power, energy, passion, speed, action and excellence /urgency mode whenever he visits a client.

For Samson, it is all about keeping our clients happy, unconditionally. He travels hours together, across miles because he genuinely believes in customer happiness. He believes in being in line with his clients and their expectations which can be even building roads in the desert lands of Qatar, building world class highways or helping countries like Malaysia, or supporting organizations across globally.

While his MANTRA is all about building businesses, he has a golden heart when it comes to taking care of his people, his employees. He will not spare a moment to help support the needy and uplift the human race.

It is with such fervour he runs and transforms every CSR project into an opportunity to promote volunteerism and the habit of giving back to the society. GCS has already set its mind in supporting the Government in the skill mission and our GAIA Academy is a reality. This is the future promise for all the students and young generation NEXT.

This is the best cusp of time in his journey as Brand GCS is growing fast as a recognised global Brand. Come, join us (GCS group) in our endeavour, our journey of growth, prosperity, glory, and abundance

We believe in people. High touch and High Tech.

Samson and GCS are ready for the Generation NEXT.